Friday, July 13, 2007

Pouring Water - A Montessori Practical Life Curriculum Activity

girl pouring water Montessori practical life curriculum activity
“What’s so important about pouring water over and over and over?” I once heard a mother ask.

Indeed, what is the importance of pouring water, besides it being a very popular activity in the Montessori practical life area? Pouring water from one pitcher to another, a pitcher to a glass, and a pitcher to three glasses, prepares children for more complicated work like washing a table or flower arranging, as well as later geography work when they pour water into Land and Water forms.

It also helps children function better around the Montessori classroom as they are able to pour their own drink at snack time or when they are thirsty. Montessori children also learn about the proper way to clean up after themselves if they have spilled. It gives children the opportunity to demonstrate grace and courtesy when they are able to offer and pour visitors a drink of water.

Why Montessori Students Learn Pouring Water as a Part of Practical Life Curriculum

Pouring ultimately enhances control and coordination. This gives the child more independence both in the Montessori classroom and at home. It is a self-correcting work that needs no teacher intervention. With every turn, the child is learning with improved results and gaining confidence. It maybe frustrating or messy at times, but resist the urge to help. The process is enjoyable for the child and he/she is learning fine and gross motor skills, as well as developing eye-hand coordination, in a safe, prepared environment.
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  1. I am 31 and just poured some of my co-workers water into my glass. I mentioned off-the-cuff that I was trained to pour at a very young age (Montessori from age 2 to 12). She thought it was silly. I looked up this article and read it to her. Now who's silly ;)


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