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“Going out” into the world isn't something that only happens in the Montessori classroom. It happens in our Montessori homes, as well. Every time we take a trip to the grocery store, to the park, or go on vacation, our children are learning about the world around them. We model not only our values, but our enthusiasm, compassion, and stewardship.

We’re getting ready to go on a mini-vacation tomorrow. Instead of taking a whole week off this summer, my husband took two long weekends. The reason for this is because while I like the beach, he likes the mountains. So we’re compromising and doing both! My son couldn't be happier. Both the beach and mountains provide him with great opportunities to be outside exploring and being a part of nature.

While my ideal vacation is lounging on the beach, reading a book and sipping iced tea, I know that this will be far from reality. While my husband goes deep sea fishing (Nathaniel and I get sea sick just thinking about being on a boat), we’re planning on renting kayaks and exploring the North Carolina estuaries. Nathaniel has also researched a trip to Shackleford Banks and the southern portion of the Cape Lookout National Seashore to catch a glimpse of the wild ponies, the 500-year old descendants of Spanish Mustangs. He tells me that the island is also known as one of the best shell beaches on the East Coast.He is looking forward to finding and identifying shells such as Conchs, Welks, Queen’s Helmets, Scotch Bonnets, Olive Shells, and Sand Dollars. Of course, there will be plenty of water play and sand castling, too.

The best thing about the trip will be being together outside, away from the television and video games, and hard as it will be, I’m leaving my computer at home! In this age of technology, that’s no easy feat. Here are a few suggestions to help you and your family to get excited about exploring the great outdoors.

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