NAMC montessori philosophy three stages of normalization first plane of development girl with dressing frame
Normalization is the foundation upon which "spontaneous discipline, continuous and happy work, social sentiments of help and sympathy for others.…" (The Absorbent Mind) arise. It is a time where children learn to focus and concentrate their energies for long periods of time, while taking personal satisfaction in their work. Normalization occurs during the first plane of development (ages 0-6). The child who is normalized displays:
  • love of order
  • love of work
  • spontaneous concentration
  • attachment to reality
  • love of silence and of working alone
  • sublimation of the possessive instinct
  • power to act from real choice
  • obedience, independence and initiative
  • spontaneous self-discipline
  • joy

There are three stages of normalization and the typical Montessori classroom contains children from all three stages.

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