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Q: I am having a difficult time toilet training my son. He is three years old and should be there by now. Do you have any advice that I can apply? He is adapting well to his Montessori environment, but his teacher regularly expresses concern about this issue. Thank you.

For those of you who are experiencing a difficult time with toilet training, and would like to pursue the Montessori approach, here is an article that you might find helpful. The title of the article is, “Toileting the Montessori Way,” and it is written by Susan Tracy, M.Ed. a parent educator, Montessori teacher, teacher educator, and mother of four. She is the founding director of Learning Together Parent Education Center.

Toileting is accomplished most easily with preparation that begins far in advance of the time when the child is ready. I believe that most Montessorians who work with very young children would agree with your child’s teacher in recommending that parents put their infants in cloth diapers from birth on. In addition to the obvious environmental reasons, natural cotton fiber is kindest to the baby’s tender skin. Also, in preparation for later toileting, children can easily sense that they are wet and discover the cause and effect of their urination and the resulting feeling of wetness.

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