NAMC montessoridaily preparation routines preschool environment planning space time labeling animalsAs stated in Part 1 of this series, it is the responsibility of each Montessori teacher to follow the child and present the learning activities that are conducive to the child’s changing needs. This is how the Montessori educator ensures the child’s success in every step of his/her development, and fosters a lifelong love of learning.

Each Montessori classroom does things a little differently and each teacher finds the balance that works for them and their students through thoughtful observation. One of the Montessori environments in which I have worked was essentially two spaces or “rooms” separated by a wall. Our Montessori environment was academically focused and rather than giving the children complete freedom to choose their daily work, we arranged one new presentation each day for students to complete. This functioned quite well and the children all loved working on their "big work". We divided the two rooms into the main Montessori preschool/kindergarten (ages 3-6) subject areas:

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