Friday, March 18, 2011

Exploring South America
NAMC montessori preschool classrooms curriculum activities south america sewing
One of my favorite aspects of teaching in a Montessori environment is being able to celebrate diversity and instilling in my students an awareness of and interest in other cultures. This month we have been exploring the continent of South America and the theme has been integrated into every area of the classroom. The painted tree on our main wall has been transformed into a rainforest tree and the Montessori students have enjoyed creating animals and placing them in each of the layers (forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layer).

When studying a particular continent, it is nice to reinforce the color of that continent by putting activities on the shelves that reflect the continent’s color and the Montessori Practical Life shelves gives us the perfect opportunity to do just that. I have included below a list of some of the activities that we have had on our shelves over the past few weeks:

Exploring South America: Curriculum Activities for Montessori Preschool Classrooms

Montessori Practical Life:
  • Transferring activity with pink pom poms
  • Pouring activity with pink rice
  • Spooning activity with coffee beans
  • Sewing a button on South America
  • Sorting nuts
  • Transferring plastic snakes (anacondas) with a pair of tongs
  • Slicing bananas
  • weaving a placemat
  • South America lacing
  • Beaded bracelets
Montessori Culture & Science:
    NAMC montessori preschool classrooms curriculum activities south america flags
  • Working with the puzzle map of South America
  • Reproducing flags of Brazil and Chile
  • Nomenclature for Parts of a Toucan and Parts of a Crocodile
Montessori Art Activities:
    NAMC montessori preschool classrooms curriculum activities south america decorate a snake
  • Tracing animals such as a capybara, on our light-up tracing table
  • Insect rubbings
  • Pink playdough
  • Painting toucans
  • Coffee filter butterflies
  • Paper plate piranhas
  • Making a button snake
  • Butterfly collage

Montessori Language Arts:
    NAMC montessori preschool classrooms curriculum activities south america animal names
  • Matching activity with rainforest word labels and corresponding pictures
  • Journal stories about living in the rainforest
  • labeling the layers of a rainforest
  • South America booklets (labeling the animals)
NAMC montessori preschool classrooms curriculum activities south america animal names Montessori Math:
  • Cards and counters with pink pom poms
  • Cards and counters with wooden ladybugs
  • Addition with tree frog counters
NAMC montessori preschool classrooms curriculum activities south america culture and science manual
The NAMC 3-6 Culture & Science teaching manual provides a rich curriculum for exploring our natural world and its history, and our place in this amazing universe.

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